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How To Write An Observation Essay? Answer’s Here!

February 20, 2020

Observation Essay

Struggling to write your first ever observation essay? If this is the case, you definitely need our help! In this blog post, we will explain what this academic paper is, how to get a good example, and how to write the essay quickly using an easy-to-understand structure. It doesn’t matter if you are tasked by your professor with writing a courtroom observation essay or a child development observation essay.

Just follow our advice and you’ll do a wonderful job. Of course, it goes without saying that you need to do the research yourself, even if it’s just a classroom observation essay you have to write.

What Is an Observation Essay?

Let’s start with the beginning. What is an observation essay? The simple answer is that it is just a piece of direct investigation. You need to observe something (an event, a person, a situation, a concept, or even an area) and then describe it as meticulously as possible. However, things tend to get a bit complicated when it comes to actually writing the paper. Why?

Because even when writing a seemingly simple child observation essay, you need to describe everything as vividly as possible. You need to provide a sensory experience to the reader, which is by no means an easy thing to do. Your observational skills and attention will be put to the test, and so will your observation essay writing skills.

Need an Observation Essay Example?

You probably don’t know much about observational writing. And this is precisely why you need the best observation essay example you can find. Don’t be afraid to contact an academic writing company for one. Even if you’ll have to pay a couple of dollars for a top quality example, this is money well spent. Here is why observation essay examples really matter:

  • You will see exactly how a professional writer describes every small detail. Providing a detailed sensory experience to your readers can be difficult without a good example.
  • You get to see how such an academic paper is structured. Yes, you can use the same structure for anything, including a preschool observation essay.
  • You can quickly understand what you need to pay attention to. You will also probably learn that using first-person singular pronouns is frowned upon in academic writing.
  • You will learn how to paint a picture with your words. You’ll learn how to engage all of your audience’s senses by describing smells, colors, sounds, shapes, and even images.

Examples of Nice Observation Essay Topics

Reading even one excellently written children observation essay can greatly improve your odds of getting an A+ or at least an A. However, keep in mind that the observation essay topics you choose also have a great impact. The topic and the thesis statement are usually the first thing your professor sees. Capture his or her attention from the first second and you’ll most definitely get some bonus points. To help you out as much as possible, here are some topics that we consider excellent for 2020:

  1. Here is why I admire my math teacher the most. (this is a great observation essay on a person)
  2. Why do children hate school so much?
  3. What does money mean to us?
  4. I just found a new restaurant in the city.
  5. Treating arthritis with geriatric physical therapy. (a fine choice for a physical therapy observation essay)
  6. Do video games really change our behavior?
  7. Let’s talk about the recent baseball game.
  8. How does bullying affect its victims?
  9. Are animals at the Zoo sad? (excellent choice for a naturalistic observation essay)

How to Write an Observation Essay in 5 Paragraphs?

Of course, you can write about anything you like – if your professor has not assigned you a specific topic. But how do you write an early childhood observation essay the right way? Learning how to start an observation essay can make the difference between working on the paper for 4 days and finishing it in just 2. Here is how you write an observation essay in just 5 paragraphs:

  • The introduction. You need to introduce the topic and provide a bit of background information about it. Also, don’t forget to include the thesis statement in the first or second phrase. Alternatively, open your intro with a peculiar fact or an anecdote and include the thesis statement afterwards.
  • Three body paragraphs. Remember, all your observations should be vividly described in just 3 paragraphs. Yes, even if you’re writing a preschool child observation essay. Each paragraph should cover one main supporting argument. Focus the entire paragraph on just one important observation and describe it to your readers as best as possible.
  • The conclusion. You don’t need a lengthy final paragraph. The body paragraphs already described the subject in great detail. The background information has been included in the introduction. The conclusion should restate your thesis statement, followed by a summary of the three important points you’ve discussed in the body of the paper. Wrap everything up with a call to action and the essay is done!

Well, not exactly done; you still need to edit your work and proofread it thoroughly. Why risk getting a lower grade just because of a couple of typos? Make sure your infant toddler observation essay is written perfectly and you will get a very good grade for your hard work.

Pro Tip: Use an Observation Essay Outline

Now you know why an example is good for you and you also know how to write an observation essay quickly. To wrap everything up, we want to tell you about the one thing that will help you immensely. When it comes to writing an observation essay, there is nothing better than a good essay outline. Really, an outline will prove invaluable regardless of the topic you are writing about (including a daycare observation essay).

But how do you create an exceptional observation essay outline? To write the essay, you will need to carefully observe the subject. You will, of course, take extensive notes during the observation period. To create the observation essay outline, you just need to organize your notes and find the most important aspects you wish to talk about. Keep in mind that an outline is quite similar to a table of contents. It’s the skeleton upon which you build your observation essay. It goes without saying that writing such a complex paper without a good outline won’t end well for the student who attempts it.

Read a good example, find an intriguing topic, start your writing with an outline, and make effective us of the five paragraph essay. That’s all you need to write an observation essay worthy of an A+.

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