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Tips To Help You Write A Donald Trump Essay

May 4, 2019

Donald Trump is the living proof that anyone can be the president of the United States. Therefore, it is quite natural for teachers to assign essays related to him. Even though a Donald Trump essay will be slightly different, students can approach it like any other essay assignment.

Writing an essay about Donald Trump is actually not that difficult. Students should avoid over thinking about it and utilize the same essay writing process. If you are unfamiliar of the essay writing process, don’t worry. This article will help you.

How to write who is Donald Trump essay

Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States of America. While writing an essay on Trump, students can highlight his achievements over a lifetime. It is important to note that Donald Trump did not have a prominent position in politics; however, his achievements as a businessman are extraordinary and worth mentioning.

Since you are writing about the president of the United States, you must write an objective paper and avoid using your personal opinion. Subjective or biased papers on political matters can get a mixed reaction from the readers and hence you should avoid writing them.

Internet is your best friend when you want to write who is Donald Trump essay. You can read unbiased articles about him to know about his personal and professional life. You can also read the latest magazines and newspapers to learn about his accomplishments over the past decade.

Why is an essay about Donald Trump so unique?

A Donald Trump president essay will be slightly different as compared to other essays. This is not just because he is the president of the United States, but because his win at the presidential elections in 2016 was rather surprising to a lot of people.

Donald Trump is the only president in American history with no political experience. For most part of his life, he has been recognized as a businessman, real estate developer and a reality TV star. Donald Trump is a different person, someone with a very special personality.

Trump assumed office on January 20, 2017 and since then his main focus has been on imposing stricter immigration laws, reduction in income tax and moving jobs back to America. Many say that he is the best president ever in American history, because his program includes just the measures that the American people are looking for.

How to write a 5 paragraph essay on Trump

Just how you will write any other 5 paragraph essay, the same structure can be utilized to write an essay about Trump. The 5 paragraph essay helps high school students to organize and develop their ideas in a logical order, so that when students get to college, they can write more complex essays like a Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton essay.

So, after you’ve completed the initial steps in the essay writing process, such as decided on the type of essay to write, brainstormed your topic, conducted your research and developed an essay outline, this is how you can start writing a 5 paragraph essay on Trump.

1. First, you will write the introductory paragraph where you will introduce the topic of your essay. This is also where you will put down your thesis statement. The first paragraph of your essay on Trump should be interesting enough to engage your readers and make them want to know more about your topic. It’s easier to engage your readers when you build an emotional connection with them.
2. Next, you will write 3 paragraphs with each paragraph discussing a particular idea to support your thesis. This is where you should make your ideas clear and convince your readers with examples and facts. For example, you can start the first paragraph with a powerful idea and follow it up with your weakest and strongest argument in the third and the fourth paragraph respectively.
3. Finally, in the fifth and the last paragraph, you will write the Donald Trump essay conclusion. This is where you will wrap it up by summarizing your essay and adding in your unbiased, personal opinion to it. You can start by restating your main point and then put emphasis on why it is important. To write a solid conclusion, you should think about the feeling that you want to leave your readers with. The concluding paragraph is usually quite the opposite of the introductory paragraph, because here you start with a specific sentence and then become more general as you write the last one.

Writing on controversial topics can sometimes land students in trouble. So, unless you know how to write an unbiased, objective essay about the president, it will be a lot safer to let our professional writing service write this essay for you.

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