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The Great Gatsby Summary – Take A Look At The Major Events

October 16, 2019

Gatsby loved to treat his guests at his extravagant golden mansion in West Egg.

West Egg is home to people who lack established social relationships and squander their wealth. Here’s the Great Gatsby summary from the best writing experts in literature.


Who Is Great Gatsby?

Jay Gatsby’s neighbor, Nick Carraway, tells the story in the novel.

Nick, Daisy Buchanan’s cousin, is from a wealthy Midwestern family. He has been educated at Yale and moved to New York to enter the bond business. Nick, like Gatsby, resides in West Egg.

As soon as Nick arrives in New York, he decides to visit his cousin Daisy Buchanan and her husband, Tom Buchanan. The Buchanans live in the more sophisticated Long Island district of East Egg. Like Nick, Tom graduated from Yale and came from a wealthy Midwestern family.

Tom was a former football player and a bully who is obsessed with the preservation of class boundaries. Daisy, by contrast, is an almost ghost-like young woman who effects an air of sophisticated boredom.

At the Buchanans’ mansion, Nick sees Jordan Baker, a beautiful young woman, and they later become romantically involved. Jordan tells Nick Tom is having an affair with Myrtle Wilson, a woman who lives in the valley of ashes, an industrial land outside of New York City.

Later, Nick went home to West Egg, where and found Gatsby staring at a mysterious green light across the bay; Gatsby stretches his arms out toward the light as if to grab it.

Myrtle Party

Not very long after, Tom decides to take Nick to New York City. The two first stop at the garage owned by George Wilson, the husband of Myrtle Wilson. Tom and Myrtle have been having an affair, so he asks Myrtle to join them in the city later that day.

Myrtle joins Tom and Nick in the city. Tom takes them to an apartment in Morningside Heights, where he maintains his affair. There they have an exaggerated party. Myrtle drinks, the more she does, the more aggressive she becomes. She starts talking about Daisy, Tom overacts and accidentally breaks her nose.

The party comes to a sudden end.

Nick invites himself to a lavish party at Gatsby’s mansion, where he unexpectedly runs into Jordan.

The party is fun. However, few of the attendees know Gatsby, even fewer were formally invited. Nick had never met Gatsby before but thinks he’s as a slightly dandified young man with an English accent.

At this point in the narrative, Gatsby’s origin is still unclear. He claims to come from a wealthy family in San Francisco, and he says he was educated at Oxford and claims to be a veteran of the Great War.

At a launch, Gatsby introduces Nick to Meyer Wolfsheim – his business associate, who is a well-known criminal. It’s widely believed that he was the mind behind the 1919 World Series.

Gatsby mysteriously avoids the Buchanans but requests Nick to arrange a meeting between Daisy and himself privately.

Upon Daisy’s arrival, Gatsby insists on giving her a tour of his gothic mansion. He desperately shows her his wealth in an attempt to win her over; the two begin an affair. Later on, Jordan reveals to Nick that Gatsby fell in love with Daisy when they first met in Louisville before the war.

The Truth Revealed

Finally, Nick learns the True Story of Gatsby’s past. He was born James Gatz in North Dakota but legally changed his name at the age of 17. Dan Cody, the gold Baron, and voyager was his mentor until the time of Cody’s death.

The Gatsby didn’t take any of Cody’s fortune. The Baron introduced Gatsby to world privilege, power, and wealth.

Tom Buchanan sees Gatsby as part of the nouveau riche, which poses a threat to the old order he holds dear.

When he accompanied Daisy to Gatsby’s next party, he is exceedingly rude and condescending. Nick realizes the Gatsby wants Daisy to renounce her husband Tom, and her marriage, so they can gain back the years they were separated.

Gatsby worships Daisy and fails to notice her flaws. He forgets that Daisy’s cowardice caused their separation in the past.

Daisy invites Gatsby, Nick, and Jordan to her house for lunch, but she intends to make her husband jealous and to pay him back for his affair with Myrtle. She loudly tells Gatsby that she loves him so Tom can hear.

Tom is furious; he forces them to drive into the city. There, at a suite in the Plaza Hotel, Tom and Gatsby have a bitter argument. Tom angrily tells Daisy the Gatsby made his fortune through illegal activities.

Unexpected Conclusion

Daisy’s true allegiance is to Tom, so when the Gatsby asks her to renounce, she leaves him high and dry.

Tom lets Gatsby drive Daisy back to East Egg. Tom does so to show his contempt for Gatsby and his faith in his wife’s complete submission.

Daisy asks Gatsby to let her drive to calm her nerves. Gatsby grants her request. But as they pass George’s garage, Daisy swerves to avoid another car and hits Myrtle, who dies on the spot.

George gets mad and swears to avenge the death of his wife. Tom assures him that Gatsby was driving the car that killed his wife. Furious that the driver might also have been Myrtle’s lover, George shoots and kills Gatsby and then commits suicide.

After the incident, Tom and Daisy leave town.

Story Aftermath

Nick is left to take care of Gatsby’s funeral. He discovers that very few people loved Gatsby. So, he thinks it wise to find Henry Gatz, Gatsby’s father and brings him to New York for the burial of his son.

From his father, Nick learns the story of Gatsby’s grandiose dreams and dreams of living the American dream.

Nick is disgusted with life this new piece of information he learns from Henry, and Nick decides to leave New York and go back home.

But before he could leave, Nick runs into Tom, who tries to justify his past actions and successfully sparks Nick’s sympathy. Nick marvels at Gatsby’s determination to transform his dreams into reality. He tells Tom that he thinks that only Gatsby, among all his friends, was brave enough to live his dream. He believes that is made him great.

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