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Top 75 Chemistry Research Topics For Your Paper

October 10, 2019

Are you looking for the best chemistry research topics on the Internet? We are happy to tell you that you have arrived at the right place. Even though our topics are public and anyone can use them, we are doing our best to keep this list as fresh as possible. However, if you are worried about the originality of your next chemistry research paper topics, we have a great tip on how to find 100% original topics.

Chemistry Research Topics

In this post, we will be discussing why you need interesting chemistry topics for research projects. We will also show you how to find many more topics. Of course, because we are all about helping the student, we will give you 75 interesting chemistry topics to research. You are free to use these topics as you see fit. This means you are allowed to reword them in any way.

The Truth About Chemistry Research Paper Topics

Let’s start with the beginning. Why would you want to find the most interesting chemistry research topics? You are probably well aware that professors are looking carefully at each topic they see. In most cases, students write about the same old topics. And truth be told, teachers are tired and bored of reading the same thing over and over again. This is why, when the professor sees a new topic, he instantly becomes interesting. And an interested academic is much more likely to award your hard work with a top grade. This is why we consider chemistry topics for research papers to be so important.

Finding Awesome Chemistry Topics for Research Papers

When you are looking for chemistry topics for research project, you may be tempted to turn to Google and to the myriad of websites on it. But this is not the best approach. In the beginning of the post, we promised you the best way to get 100% original topics, and we will keep our word. The best way to get research paper topics chemistry professors will be really interested in is to work with a professional. In other words, you should contact an academic writer and ask for a chemistry research topics list. Yes, it will cost you a couple bucks, but this money is well spent. You will get a list of topics that none of your peers has access to. The best way to find a reliable academic writer who will deliver on his promises is to contact an academic writing company. There are several reliable ones on the Internet, of course.

The Best 75 Chemistry Topics for Research

Looking for chemistry research topics high school teachers would love to read about? Are you a college student or an undergrad who is looking for fresh chemistry topics to research? Regardless what you need these topics for, we are here to help! We have asked our experienced chemistry writers to compile a list of the best chemistry topics; chemistry topics that they would recommend to their clients.

Organic Chemistry Research Topics

Of course, no list would be complete without organic chemistry research topics. Organic chemistry is a huge area of chemistry, so there are plenty of things to talk about. Also, new research is being done all the time, so you can easily find fresh ideas and information. Here are some of our best ideas:

  1. The types of isomerism in organic compounds.
  2. What are nucleophiles?
  3. What are aniline dyes?
  4. The stability of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA)
  5. Describe what an oil is.
  6. How is hydrocarbon fuel produced?
  7. What are electrophiles?
  8. Describe phenol as an acid.
  9. How are globular proteins formed?
  10. What is an organosilicon compound?
  11. How dangerous is snow pollution?

Chemistry Research Topics for High School

We have some of the best chemistry research paper topics for high school students on the Internet. These topics are not very difficult and you can easily find plenty of information online. This means that you can write an essay on any of the following topics in as little as 2 hours:

  1. Analyzing the PH effect on plants.
  2. How are pearls created?
  3. Growing artificial diamonds.
  4. How to optimize the brewing of tea?
  5. How do we detect heavy metals in plants?
  6. Analyzing the air we breathe.
  7. The dangers of using petroleum products.
  8. Natural versus synthetic detergents.
  9. Explain barium toxicity.
  10. How can indoor plants benefit from chemistry?
  11. How do you clean oil effectively?

Chemistry Research Topics for College

Chemistry research topics for college students are a bit more difficult. After all, college professors expect you to put in a lot more work than a high school student. This doesn’t mean that you can’t write these papers quickly though. Here are some of the best topics we can think of:

  1. The hidden dangers of tap water.
  2. How did Dmitri Mendeleev discover the Periodic Table?
  3. How harmful are electronic cigarettes?
  4. Analyzing the water memory effect.
  5. What’s in the first aid kit?
  6. The effects of carboxylic acids on humans.
  7. How can you freeze water fast?
  8. Analyzing anti-icing solutions on airports.
  9. The classification of chemical reactions.
  10. What is a covalent polar bond?
  11. How does water purification work?

Inorganic Chemistry Research Topics

Of course, we have to include inorganic chemistry research topics in our list. We can’t have organic topics in here without inorganic topics. There are plenty of topics about inorganic chemistry out there, but we have selected only the best for you:

  1. Why is NaCl salty?
  2. How are sapphires formed?
  3. Explain the Law of Multiple Proportions.
  4. Explain the various states of matter.
  5. The effect of sulfuric acid on organic material.
  6. Why is silicone dioxide used in solar cells?
  7. The difference between organic and inorganic compounds.
  8. Why is inorganic chemistry important?
  9. Discussing Lewis Structures and Electron Dot Models.
  10. Explain Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures.

Chemistry Research Topics for Undergraduates

Yes, chemistry research topics for undergraduates are more difficult than those aimed at college students. However, we’ve made sure to only select topics that you can find a lot of information about. In other words, it’s not impossible to write an essay on one of our topics in one day. Here is what we propose:

  1. How do we use hydrogen to discover oxygen?
  2. How does an allergy develop?
  3. What is surface tension? Any applications?
  4. Discussing the ionization methods used in the mass spectrometry process.
  5. How can one stabilize lithium?
  6. What are food dyes really made of?
  7. A study of the Lewis Structure.
  8. Why is Ibuprofen considered dangerous?
  9. Explaining the chemical equilibrium effect.
  10. How are nanophotonics used in military applications?

Most Interesting Chemistry Research Topics

You are probably aware that professors really appreciate interesting chemistry research topics. This is precisely why we have compiled a list of interesting topics. These topics can be picked by both high school students and college students. Some of these topics can even be picked by undergrads:

  1. How does photocatalysis work in 3D printers?
  2. Who was Fritz Haber?
  3. What are nanoreactors in chemistry?
  4. Why do glow sticks glow?
  5. What is Californium?
  6. Why does the Sun burn without the need for oxygen?
  7. How do you freeze air?
  8. Why is there Sodium Azide in car airbags?
  9. How is dry ice made?
  10. What is the color of oxygen?

Easy Chemistry Topics

At the very end of our list, you can find the easy chemistry topics. These are perfect for when you need to write an essay quickly (usually in less than an hour). You don’t want to do a lot of research and you want to find all the relevant information with a single Google search. These are the topics for you:

  1. Why does water expand upon freezing?
  2. What are pesticides made of?
  3. How are batteries made?
  4. Describe a thermoelectric material.
  5. How can we avoid pesticides?
  6. How do synthetic molecules replicate?
  7. What are the implications of the Thermodynamics Laws?
  8. What is cholesterol?
  9. How do vitamins act in the human body?
  10. Why is aspirin a pain killer?
  11. What are steroids?
  12. The process of recycling plastics.

Many students have asked us if simply finding chemistry research topics is enough to get an A or an A+. Sadly, the answer is “No.” Your professor will award you some bonus points for an original, interesting topic. However, if you don’t write in the proper academic format, or if you make serious errors, you will get a low grade. This is why we always tell our readers to learn as much as possible about academic paper writing.

For a chemistry paper, the first thing you should do is read about the five paragraph essay structure. It will get you out of a lot of problems, guaranteed. After you know how to write the paper correctly, pick one of our topics and start writing. Good luck!

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