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200 Environmental Science Topics For Top Performing Students

May 25, 2021

Students must consider several environmental research topics before they settle on an idea that can be explored in-depth through complete academic study. We understand how difficult this could be given the limited amount of time students have when you consider all the responsibilities they must deal with. Here is a list of 200 environmental topics for students to consider if they are having a hard time coming up with their own.
Environmental Science Topics

Current Environmental Debates Topics

These environmental topics for research paper represent the current debates being discussed in the field. If you are interested in other issues that we did not list, you can always modify them so that they fit your interests and assignment requirements:

  1. The impact of air, water, and land pollution on the future.
  2. The solutions to reducing plastic waste in our oceans.
  3. The major causes and effects of land pollution.
  4. The risk environmental restrictions have on our economy.
  5. Investing in ocean clean-up technologies.
  6. The cost of government environmental policies.
  7. The major causes of air pollution.
  8. The impact the greenhouse effect has on pollution.
  9. The impact human population growth has had on the environment.
  10. The major causes of the earth’s destruction.

Environmental Science Research Topics

These research topics on environmental issues are easy to research because there are a lot of resources available online and in print. Just be sure to get your information from reputable academic and government resources:

  1. The reasons climate change has been ignored in modern society.
  2. The reality of having a climate that humans can no longer live in.
  3. The impact climate change has had on the polar caps.
  4. The negative effect climate change has had on the ecosystem.
  5. The effects large farming has on carbon levels.
  6. The negative effects of hydropower blocks on migratory fish.
  7. Explain how rising temperatures have increased the number of wildfires.
  8. The importance of developing renewable energy technologies.
  9. The impact solar power has on carbon levels in the air.
  10. The negative impact solar power has on plants.

Environmental Health Research Topics

These topics in accounting issues that are advanced will garner plenty of respect and attention. Make sure you conduct ample research to ensure you have the most up-to-date information:

  1. Renewable energies are healthy for the environment.
  2. Building “eco” bridges for over freeways saves the animal population.
  3. Establishing recycling programs in the community improves health.
  4. Buying organic foods is healthier for the environment.
  5. The rise of asthma cases in the U.S. over the last 20 years.
  6. The ways electric and magnetic fields impact your health.
  7. The best alternatives to animal testing and your health.
  8. The ways air pollution helps the spread of viruses.
  9. The impact that pesticides have on your health.
  10. Reasons why more people suffer from respiratory diseases today.

Environmental Biology Topics for College

These environmental science research paper topics can be researched by college-level students. It’s a matter of adequate planning and dedication to the work required to write a great paper:

  1. The future of soil science in farming.
  2. Climate change and its impact on animal migration.
  3. Explain the impact biodiversity conservation will have on the future.
  4. The ways animal behavior impacts our environment.
  5. The most effective ways to manage wildlife.
  6. Water resources and human population.
  7. The process of human adaption to cold.
  8. Cold exposure and changes in animal behavior.
  9. Explain how tropical forest ecology has changed in the last decade.
  10. Explain how neurotransmitters impact temperature regulation.

Interesting Environmental Topics

Despite these topics being considered interesting, they still require students to conduct ample research. If you choose any of these topics, you should always plan to search for trustworthy sources to back up your arguments:

  1. The rise of the study of fire ecology because of climate change.
  2. Define the effects of meaningful environmental donations.
  3. The mitigation and adaptation of climate change.
  4. Explain how pollution problems impact human health.
  5. Describe how overpopulation influences waste management.
  6. The ways responsible consumption can protect the environment.
  7. Explain what the world will look like in half a century.
  8. The transitions needed to slow climate changes.
  9. Describe the benefits of PPA.
  10. The impact of environmental taxes can reduce pollution.

Environmental Safety Topics for Undergraduates

No matter what topic you choose, you need to be prepared to put in the time to do your research. If you need assistance doing so, we are always glad to help and can guide you along the way:

  1. The impact autoclave has on the environment.
  2. The effect OSHA has had in influencing environmental safety.
  3. The impact food problems have on the environment.
  4. Describe the threats biodiversity has on the world.
  5. The negative effects that dams have on the environment.
  6. The effects environmental regulations have on corporations.
  7. The major causes of food decline across the world.
  8. Safe methods to utilize energy sources.
  9. How food security can be achieved.
  10. Control measures for nuclear hazards around the world.

Topics in Environmental Science Majors

This area of study is a fast-growing field that offers a lot of opportunities for students that want to make a positive impact on the environment. These environmental science topics for research are great for anyone interested in this field:

  1. Energy flow and the impact it has on the environment.
  2. The threat of invasive species on the environment.
  3. Biodiversity and its positive and negative effects.
  4. Ecosystem structure in different parts of the world.
  5. The natural process of ecosystem changes.
  6. Energy resources and 21st-century technologies.
  7. The use of biofuels to reduce carbon emissions.
  8. The impact the stratospheric ozone has on weather.
  9. How the supply of water has been impacted by weather.
  10. How businesses can go green to help the environment.

Environmental Engineering Topics for College

This is another area that is growing and offering a lot of original research work in the upcoming decades. Students may have a little trouble finding a lot of resources on the web, but in-depth research at the library should lead to a lot of sources they can use in their assignments:

  1. Improved sources of renewable and clean energies in the U.S.
  2. Investing in clean energy technologies around the world.
  3. The effectiveness of switching to electric vehicles.
  4. The impact the pandemic had on decreasing air pollution.
  5. Fewer people driving to work improves air quality.
  6. Changes that wastewater management can have on the environment.
  7. Impact that recycling centers have on our water supply.
  8. Environmental engineering law moving into the next decade.
  9. Ozone depletion and its effects on our water systems.
  10. Compare and contrast approaches to Greenbelt Design.

Environmental Sociology Topics for 2022

This sociology-based sub-field emerged in the late in response to the many environmental movements that occurred around the world a decade prior. It’s still a small field but offers a lot of research opportunities for students that wish to study the interactions that occur between societies and their natural environments:

  1. Examine how politics impact environmental conditions.
  2. Define the major factors that influence the creation of laws.
  3. Social behavior and its effect on the environment.
  4. Explain the relationship between inequality and the environment.
  5. The impact social issues have on environmental politics.
  6. The ways race-related social movements can influence environmental laws.
  7. The ways humans interact with the environment.
  8. Problems in society that affect how we view the environment.
  9. The impact human health has on the environment.
  10. Third-world countries and environmental destruction.

Environmental Controversial Topics in Discussion Today

Bringing controversy into any academic assignment is a great way of gaining interest and attention. These environmental controversy topics can help you achieve this and aid you in earning a top grade:

  1. Population growth and the rise in deforestation.
  2. Urbanization and development as they relate to air pollution.
  3. Global warming and the increasing intensity of hurricanes.
  4. The amount of sewage that goes into the ocean.
  5. Impact the melting of the polar caps has on our oceans.
  6. Governments that refuse to make environmental commitments.
  7. Forcing cities to set carbon reduction goals.
  8. Impact urbanization has on water pollution.
  9. Major urban cities and the depletion of natural resources.
  10. Environmental compliance and penalties.

Environmental Health Topics for Undergraduates

Despite these topics seeming “easy,” we recommend you approach them with as much dedication as you would others to ensure you earn the highest possible score on your assignment:

  1. Things local governments can do to improve air quality.
  2. The ways the environment affects food safety.
  3. Poor environment and food-related diseases.
  4. Water quality and its impact on people’s health.
  5. Man-made environments and impact on human health.
  6. Preparedness and response to environmental health dangers.
  7. The impact of vectors and pests on environmental health.
  8. Pesticides and the impact on environmental health.
  9. The role the CDC has in changing environmental policy.
  10. Environmental health laws in large population areas.

Environmental Chemistry Topics for College Students

You should always approach any topic the way you would a thesis or dissertation project. Some of the ideas listed below can even be the basis for a future project in this area of study:

  1. Chemical changes and the impact on the environment.
  2. Nitrogen levels in the water and impact on the fish population.
  3. Mercury levels in lakes and the risk of fishing.
  4. Foreign chemicals are dumped in the water.
  5. The impact of dropping fertilized soil in our oceans.
  6. The chemical process of growing coral reefs.
  7. Poor quality in our air and chemical processes.
  8. The dynamics of phosphorus in wastewater treatment.
  9. Chemical detoxification in drinking water.
  10. Increase of toxic waters in third world countries.

Environmental Ethic Topics for Graduate Students

You will need to conduct in-depth research if you want to tackle any of the environmental ethics topics listed below. So be sure you plan your research activities early and get started with plenty of time before your deadline:

  1. Evaluating construction waste and its impact on the environment.
  2. Regulating wildlife spaces to protect the environment.
  3. The role of citizens in environmental protection regulations.
  4. The impact of infrastructure development on local wildlife.
  5. Eco-friendly fuels and their role in major construction projects.
  6. The high costs of e-construction in big construction projects.
  7. The impact recycling has on reducing waste.
  8. Today’s responsibility to future generations.
  9. Evolving frameworks within environmental ethics.
  10. Though process in the creation of environmental laws.

Environmental Persuasive Speech Topics

Persuasive speech essays are among the most popular type of assignments in environmental science. You must conduct adequate research when dealing with any of the topics below. If you do not plan, time can run out real fast and you won’t get the grade you deserve:

  1. The ways land degradation can be controlled.
  2. Changing the ways we grade air quality in large cities.
  3. The most effective way to slow down climate change.
  4. The resources offered by our forests.
  5. The impact climate change will have in the next 25 years.
  6. The best way to achieve complete food security.
  7. The best-untapped energy sources.
  8. The link between natural disasters and climate change.
  9. The growing rate of extinction in animal populations.
  10. The main reason why plants and animals go extinct.

Environmental Sustainability Topics

Don’t let yourself fall behind. Start your research early or get some assistance from professional academic writing and editing services. Choose a sustainability topic you like and get started as soon as possible:

  1. Nanotechnology in wastewater treatment processes.
  2. The use of biofuels to increase sustainability.
  3. Animal welfare and the benefits to our environment.
  4. Plant growth as a resource for sustainability.
  5. The impact sustainability projects have on college campuses.
  6. The future of sustainability research in government.
  7. Green technologies to solve sustainability issues.
  8. Environmental sustainability in chain coffee companies.
  9. Carbon footprint and sustainability challenges.
  10. Recycling programs to improve sustainability.

Environmental History Topics for 2022

If need more help coming with an environmental topic related to its history, you can always contact us for more ideas. We have experts that know this field inside and out that can help you with original topics for any assignment:

  1. The changes in environmental protection over the last century.
  2. Regulations to pesticide use in farming.
  3. The growth of the solar power industry in the U.S.
  4. How natural disasters influenced environmental policy change.
  5. Retrofitting buildings so that they are more sustainable.
  6. The ways the EPA has minimized the dumping of hazardous waste.
  7. How environmental laws affected the automobile industry.
  8. The history of the EPA in the United States.
  9. The reasons why the use of asbestos was banned in construction.
  10. Oil spills in the U.S. over the last half-century.

Environmental Economics Topics for 2022

At this point in one’s academic career, he or she shouldn’t have too much trouble writing a great presentation. But it still takes a lot of hard work that should begin early in the process:

  1. The benefits of investing in green companies.
  2. Measuring the costs and benefits of environmental regulations.
  3. Investing in solar technologies and similar industries.
  4. Creating opportunities by investing in clean energy companies.
  5. Stimulating the economy through renewable energy.
  6. The profitability of environmental policy research.
  7. Factors that influence environmental economic markets.
  8. The effect environmental investment will have on climate change.
  9. The major factors for price discrimination in environmental economic markets.
  10. International investment opportunities for the environment.

Environmental Justice Topics for 2022

If you are interested in the types of legal issues surrounding environmental actions, protections, and proceedings, then these 10 topics are great if you are looking into getting into the field of environmental justice:

  1. Building affordable housing in support of environmental justice.
  2. Pollution control in environmental justice legislation.
  3. Compensating citizens for harm caused by wastewater.
  4. Processes for getting compliance verification.
  5. Forcing companies to adopt stricter recycling processes.
  6. Effectiveness of penalties on large companies.
  7. Punishing companies responsible for oil spills.
  8. Investigating hazardous threats in the community.
  9. Stronger legislation to prevent illegal dumping.
  10. The role of environmental justice in public transportation.

Easy Environmental Research Paper Topics

If you don’t have a lot of time to work on a research project on the environment, then you should stick with an easy topic you can finish in a couple of days. Here are some great ideas for a project that won’t overwhelm you:

  1. The impact global warming has had in different countries.
  2. The regions where climate change has had the biggest impact.
  3. Automobile traffic and air quality.
  4. Preventing the destruction of coral reefs.
  5. The biggest challenges in combating climate change.
  6. The impact climate change has on a person’s health.
  7. The biggest threats to the world’s oceans.
  8. The negative effect of growing populations.
  9. The dangers of soil contamination.
  10. The impact large cities have on the environment.

Difficult Environmental Studies Topics

Challenging yourself by choosing a difficult project is a great way of capturing your teacher’s attention and earning respect as somebody that is taking his or her work seriously. Consider these ideas for a bigger challenge:

  1. The environmental risks posed by energy alternatives.
  2. The dangers of international oil pipelines.
  3. Genetically modified foods and the effect on the environment.
  4. Impact of offshore drilling on our oceans.
  5. Compare and contrast vegetarianism and veganism.
  6. The fashion industry and its impact on the environment.
  7. The importance of preserving the Earth’s polar caps.
  8. The impact that oil drilling has on local wildlife.
  9. The impact sweat factories have on air quality.
  10. The decline of oil reserves around the world.

We are experts at developing environmental science topics covering several areas. We hire writing and editing experts that have advanced degrees in numerous disciplines and assure our customers that they will be paired with someone that knows the topic inside and out. If you do not find one of the environmental science topics interesting, we will be glad to give you a custom list. Just give us a call or contact us by email or chat. We are available to answer your questions and provide you with a 24/7-hour service. We look forward to hearing from you.

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