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Creating The Best Statement of the Problem in Research Paper

June 1, 2021

What is statement of the problem in research paper? A problem statement in research paper is a type of writing assignment where you identify a problem and propose a process by which you can solve it through a well-thought and researched approach. The problem statement should be two or three sentences long and appear in the introduction.

Statement of the Problem in Research Paper

An example of statement of the problem in research paper may look like this:

“The current staffing model in a major bookstore does not allow for financial profit and sustainability. Managers are not using staff efficiently or effectively enough to stay in business beyond the foreseeable future.”

A student must state the problem clearly and precisely. There are problem statement examples in research paper you can look at to see how this is best achieved.

Follow the problem statement with a couple of sentences that put it into context. This may be background information, history, or a specific example. Your thesis statement should be your proposed process. The following components follow the same structure as most essays, including body paragraphs that present your solution process and a conclusion that summarizes and synthesizes the information of your problem statement research paper.

How to Write Statement of the Problem in Research Paper?

Writing a statement of the problem in research paper is a lot like writing other types of academic assignments. You need to carefully choose a topic, research the topic, organize supporting points, create an outline, draft a paper, revise a paper, and edit and proofread a paper. Here is a step-by-step process for crafting a great assignment:

  1. Identify the Problem and State Why It Is Important
  2. In your problem statement for research paper, be sure you concisely contextualize the problem and provide some context by giving relevant background information that demonstrates why it is important. You can address questions like “Who does the problem impact?” “Why did the problem arise?” and “What attempts have been made to fix the problem?”

  3. Set Your Aims and Objectives for Solving the Problem
  4. If you look at an example of problem statement in research paper, you will see that it has a clear framework that addresses your approach towards solving the problem. You may not have a conclusive solution, but you need to present a process that would lead to a positive outcome. Your aims and objectives must show what you intend to explore and investigate. The section is similar to a methods section of a research paper.

  5. Research and Outline Your Topic and Argument
  6. Your problem statement in a research paper needs to be researched thoroughly for you to submit a completed assignment worthy of a high score. You can start by doing some background research on the web to get familiar with discussions, issues, and questions regarding your topic. Next, you should do academic research at the library where you have access to government and academic resources. If you need assistance, you can always consult the research librarian to address your inquiries. A research librarian can also introduce you to resources available through interlibrary loans.

  7. Write the First Draft and then Revise the Paper Draft
  8. When you write the first draft, you should always refer to your research paper outline. It helps keep your argument on track and is a great resource to have as you move from one point to the another. Try to write your first draft as quickly as possible, preferably in one sitting. Don’t worry about mistakes you make along the way.

    Set your research paper aside for a few days before you start making revisions. It’s a great idea to do this exercise with a fresh perspective. You need to re-imaging your arguments and presentation. It may be necessary to add, rearrange, and delete everything from sentences to entire paragraphs.

  9. Edit and Proofread the Revised Draft before Submission
  10. These are two separate steps that must be made in preparation for a great academic assignment. Many students look toward a professional to conduct these last two steps to ensure high scores. But these are exercises they can do on their own by following some basic principles.

When editing, you must check the core features of the document, including word choice, sentence structure, phrases, and language clarity. When proofreading, you must check for mistakes in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It’s a good idea to go through these two exercises separately to increase your chances of finding as many instances to make improvements.

Problem Solution Research Paper Topics

When you write a statement of the problem in research paper, choosing a great topic is extremely important toward putting together a great assignment. You should always be sure you understand the assignment in its entirety so that you are not penalized for not following directions. Choose a topic that is interesting to you to make the work more fun and engaging. Be sure to also consider the scope of the topic to ensure you will find relevant information online and in print. Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. How can we increase medical services to the homeless community?
  2. How can colleges change major declaration processes to give students better opportunities?
  3. How can the government provide affordable housing to lower-income families?
  4. How can cities encourage people to take more public transportation?
  5. How can the NCAA find ways to compensate players to deter illegal benefits?
  6. How can universities and colleges help provide services to survivors of suicide?
  7. How to motivate college basketball players to finish their education instead of turning pro?
  8. How can we provide equal pay to female athletes in professional sports?
  9. What is the best way to deal with legal and illegal immigration?
  10. How can the U.S. provide universal health coverage to all its citizens?
  11. How to prevent parents from pushing their kids to be financially successful?
  12. How can we reduce the number of failing students in our high schools?
  13. What can be done to prevent teacher turnaround in public schools?
  14. How can parents effectively monitor their children’s use of social media?
  15. What can teachers do to encourage students to stay focused outside of the classroom?
  16. How can penalties help minimize texting while driving?
  17. How can traffic around your community be improved to minimize pollution?
  18. How to prepare children that are homeschooled for college life?
  19. How can parents do to keep their children motivated during the pandemic?
  20. How to help people when you are aware of their depression?
  21. What can governments do to help parents care for a child with mental disabilities?
  22. What can schools do to help students learn about managing their finances?
  23. What can university and college campuses do to make their communities safer?
  24. How can students finance their way through college?
  25. How to decide what college or university to attend when there are multiple options?

The above research paper problem statement can be used for free as written or can be modified to fit personal interests and assignment requirements. You are encouraged to come up with topics that interest you, but if you are having trouble brainstorming or are limited in time, then the ones above should get you one step closer.

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