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How to Write Counterclaim: Essential Guide

October 20, 2021

Are you trying to address your opinion and convince someone of your point of view? A counterclaim is what you need! A claim is an idea or an opinion that someone stands by. A counterclaim, however, is an opposing point of view about the concept. A strategic argumentative essay defines what the other side may say and explains why their claim is wrong; this is a counterclaim.

how to write a counterclaim

A counterclaim is included in argumentative writing and thesis to convince the reader to accept your claim. It’s essential to craft a good counterclaim to convince and get the reader on your side. The blog will provide you with complete insight into everything you need to know about writing counterclaims.

What is a Counterclaim in Writing?

A counterclaim is the other side of the argument or your original claim. In your claim, you make clear what you plan to prove. The counterclaim paragraph shows the opponent’s side of viewpoint and defines it in a way that seems weak and invalid.

The main aim behind the counterclaim is to convince the reader of your point of view. Hence, it’s essential to write a strong counterclaim paragraph to answer all the potential arguments the reader might have. A counterclaim essay, if done well, shows that the writer has considered both sides of the picture, which strengthens its position. Argumentative writing, thesis, or any other assignments that may involve convincing the audience in favor of your point of view can Use counterclaims to persuade the audience of the writer’s opinion. Any form of writing that involves more than one point of you can use claims and counterclaims to simplify the situation.

An argumentative essay is written in the following steps:

  • Claim
  • Counterclaim/ Counterclaims
  • Rebuttal

Learning how to draft counterclaims is essential for every student. Individuals may need to convince the audience of their point of view when they step into real life. If you find yourself in any form of debate, you will always have a claim to fight for. You will have to create counterclaims to tell the audience about all the aspects that you have considered and then let them know the best possible option through a rebuttal.

The concept of counterclaims is also helpful for Law and business students in attaining their degrees. For law students, many cases may require a lawyer to draft a substantial counterclaim and rebuttal for the opponent in the legal issues. Likewise, in the business field, the concept of counterclaim may help the business evaluate the effectiveness of each contract. Also, considering all the contradictory aspects of your claim in any form of writing creates a good impression. The writer appears to be thoughtful, and just by considering and mentioning all the arguments, there may be present against his claim.

Claims vs. Counterclaims

Claims Counterclaims
Goal They have a position to be argued They address the arguments against the claim
What is a good claim/counterclaim? Strong claims are debatable, compelling, and defensible Strong counterclaims help in building a convincing argument
Point of View Clearly identifies the writer’s opinion Identifies all the other points of view that are valid
Intention Shows the direction of the writer’s thinking Allows the reader to evaluate other valid points of views
Format Claims do not have terms such as “I think” or “I feel” The words that should be used are “It may be true, however…”
Example McDonald’s is considered a healthy restaurant as they offer salad, water, fruits, and other great alternatives for breakfast. Even though Mcdonald’s has a few healthy options on its menu, the vast majority of the options are deep fried and high in calories.

How to Find Counterclaim?

There are a few steps and options to consider when trying to find a counterclaim:

  • You need to identify the target audience that will be most affected by the claim.
  • After you have identified your target audience, you can do quick questioning from an individual representing each group against their problems with your claim.
  • Meanwhile, the writer should also form an idea of the possible alternative points of view the audience may have against the main claim.
  • An alternative to finding a counterclaim is to note down all the disadvantages or alternative explanations that your target audience may have. However, the first option is more effective as this may allow you to find the counterclaims that may not be in your mind.

Where Do You Put A Counterclaim in an Essay?

When writing counterclaims in an essay, it’s essential to introduce the reader to the claim or the original argument. The claim is your point of view and can be argued by the reader. There is usually one main claim for which the argumentative essay revolves around. The claim is generally introduced in the introductory paragraph of your article or thesis. Right after the claim comes your counterclaim, which are the possible concerns the audience might have against your claim.

How to Introduce A Counterclaim?

There are various options you can consider on how to start a counterclaim paragraph, for example:

  • “On the other hand, some people say….”
  • “Certainly, some people say….”
  • “Admittedly, some people might say….”
  • “A common counterpoint is often….”

You can start the counterclaim by explaining what counter-arguments the claim has. A good counterclaim paragraph will strengthen your essay and your position in the eyes of the reader.

How to Write a Counterclaim?

When writing a counterclaim, you need to imagine a skeptical reader and then draft your counterclaim paragraph. In the counterclaim, cite all the critics or sources who may resist your claim. The main aim behind the counterclaim is to address all the possible concerns of the reader to refute them. You can manage them by using the following words:

  • “However, some socials would certainly believe….”
  • “Here, many feminists would argue….”
  • “The opposing view is that….”

Moreover, it’s also vital that you evaluate your claim for all the possible problems and disadvantages that the claim may have. After introducing the counterclaim, discuss why it is incorrect. Also, use this part of the essay to think of alternate solutions that the claim may have in the following words:

  • “Alternatively, the issue could be viewed….”
  • “Others may conclude….”
  • “Despite this information….”

Explain the counterclaim as clearly and briefly as you can. It’s also an excellent strategy to prove where possible to weaken the opponent’s point of view.

How to Write A Good Counterclaim?

There are few tips that you can keep in mind when drafting a counterclaim.

  • Never introduce your counterclaim in the introductory paragraph: It’s a rule you should abide by to create an effective essay. Stating a counterclaim in the introduction makes the essay look vague.
  • When you start your counterclaim do not state it as right or wrong: Talk about why a counterclaim is believed instead of considering it right or wrong. Write a counterclaim in a way that the reader automatically turns in your favor.
  • Always choose the best words for your counterclaim: You don’t want to sound rude to the reader so always choose the words wisely.
  • It’s also essential to be just and unbiased as you write a counterclaim: To strengthen your thesis or argument you should always sound unbiased towards your opinion. The reader should know that you talking on the basis of facts and you don’t just want to implement your point of view.
  • Always provide evidence that supports your counterclaim: Providing evidence where ever possible is another great way to write counterclaims. Providing evidence to support the counterclaim makes it easier to convince the reader of your claim.

What Is A Rebuttal?

Your response to the counterclaim is known as the rebuttal. In this section, you showcase the evidence that disagrees with the counterclaim. You present all your reasoning to shoot down the opponent’s disagreement and bring them to your side. The comebacks are always intense; likewise, a rebuttal paragraph should clearly explain why you support your claim. An excellent rebuttal might involve research to get the full knowledge of the facts. This will also allow you to resolve the argument in the best way.

How To Write Counterclaim And Rebuttal?

After the counterclaim argument, we come to the solution in the form of a rebuttal. In the counterclaim, the paragraph mentions the counterargument a reader might have for your claim. Then we move on to resolving the debate by writing a rebuttal. It’s crucial to sound polite as you start with your rebuttal. The tone of your essay can make a significant impact on the audience; therefore, make sure to respect the different options as you write a rebuttal. There are few examples of how you can begin your rebuttal:

  • “Although some people think..others understand….”
  • “The Evidence, however, clearly supports the argument that….”
  • “This may be an understandable concern, however….”

Moreover, provide a point-by-point reply to all the counterclaims you have outlined. Make sure not to miss out on any counterclaim otherwise, your essay will look incomplete and vague. Also, if you miss out on any counterclaim in your rebuttal, this may weaken your claim. Rebuttal marks the end of your argument, so it’s advised to finish it with friendly and positive sentences. The tone of the rebuttal will let the audience know that you have done your best to come up with the best solution to the counterclaim. Lastly, when your rebuttal is done and your argument is sorted, it’s time to review your work. Read your work from the perspective of the reviewer. Will they be satisfied by the explanations you have given? Is the text clear and easily comprehendible? If the answer to all these questions is yes, you can submit your paper or argument confidently.

Example Of Claim, Counterclaim, And Rebuttal

Claim: Cellphones should be banned from school as they distract students from learning

Counterclaim: Others may say that students should carry cell phones for emergency purposes.

Rebuttal: There are many other less disruptive ways parents can use to communicate with their kids.

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