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Writing The Best Global Warming Essay – Take An Original Approach

October 8, 2019

Global warming is one of the most disastrous phenomenons in the history of the earth. Unlike several decades ago, the scientific evidence of global warming and associated impacts has become clearer. But even with the dangers such as the thawing of polar ice sheets and extensive droughts become the norm, it is sad that we have failed to come up with a cohesive strategy to counter it. Now, when you are required to write a global warming essay or related paper; how do you do it?


Craft The Right Structure For Your Essay On Global Warming

Even before starting to work on your global warming essay, it is prudent to create a good structure. The goal of the structure is ensuring you know what will come at what section and creating a smooth flow of ideas from the start to the end. Here is a sample structure of a great short essay on global warming for students.

  • Title: The title should be catchy and relevant to the topic.

  • Introduction: As the first part of your essay, you should use the introduction to prepare the reader about what is in the body. Also, make the introduction interesting so that the reader can have the interest to keep reading.

  • The body: This is another very important part of the essay where you get into the details of your subject. Every paragraph on global warming essays should explain a different point.

  • Conclusion: After bringing out your argument cohesively, the conclusion allows you to tie the points neatly. You should summarize the entire essay in a few sentences. Note that the conclusion should not introduce new points. However, you can call for further studies on the topic if you found it inadequately covered.

Research All Facts Before Writing Your Essay On Global Warming

Now that you have the best structure for the essay of global warming, it is time to get down into the details of your topic. Every global warming essay in English for students should be deeply researched to cover the following components:

  1. Some history of global warming (when did it start). At what point was it discovered to be a threat to the planet?

  2. What are the causes of global warming? Make sure to cite specifics such as individual sources of emissions.

  3. Effects of global warming. Because these are many, it is important to focus on those that you have ample information on.

  4. Carefully bring out the different interventions that have been instituted and point out their success or failure.

Special Tips For A Winning Global Warming Essay For Students

In addition to having the best structure, and comprehensive research on global warming, here are other useful tips to help you craft a good essay.

  • Use images to demonstrate various aspects of the global warming phenomenon.

  • Use the latest trends to make your essay more impressive.

  • Consider using short sentences and paragraphs to make the essay easy to read and understand.

  • Make sure to use the right citations. For example, capture the latest statistics and give the right references. This will make your work more authentic.

  • Make the essay easy to read by using simple English and explaining every complex phrase. If there are initials, ensure to give their full meaning the first time they appear in the essay.

  • Use samples of other global warming essays for students to learn how to craft winning papers.

  • If your writing skills are poor or the deadline is tight, do not hesitate to seek writing help with your college essay. This will guarantee you top marks as you hone the necessary skills.

Essay Of Global Warming: Where Do You Place Environmental Activism

Another concept that features prominently in global warming essays is environmental activism. You can either include it as a separate paragraph in a short essay or a different subtopic for longer papers. One of the most outstanding activists in fighting global warming out there is Greta Thunberg. Here is some info about her:

Greta Thunberg is a Swedish environmental activist whose campaign on climate change has won her international recognition. At age 15, she started spending part of her school time outside the Swedish parliament with banners calling for stronger efforts to counter global warming. She called it “School Strike for Climate.” Soon, other students joined and held demonstrations from across the world, calling for firmer action on climate change. In 2018, she addressed the UN Climate Change Conference.

Identifying Essay Topics On Global Warming

If you are in a global warming class or a related subject, there are instances when your tutor might require you to pick your preferred topic to write on. In such a case, you should look for a subject that has ample information to write on. Though it is also okay to be exploratory by picking subjects that are relatively new, you are likely to get stuck along the way for a lack of information. Here are some great topics that you should consider for your global warming essay.

  1. The New Dynamics of Climate Change: What are the Factors making it Hard to Address the Global Phenomenon.

  2. How does Global Warming Impact Food Production?

  3. Climate Change: Why the Earth is Still at Risk even if Carbon Dioxide Emissions are Reduced.

  4. Demonstrating the Link between Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming.

  5. What Efforts Could Have been used to Prevent Global Warming 50 Years Ago?

  6. Demystifying Global Warming Denial and its Impact on Mitigation Effects?

  7. Red Alert: Why Global Warming could become Unstoppable even with the new interventions.

  8. Exploring the Shift in Earth Balance of the Polar Ice: A Closer Look at Antarctic Ice Sheet.

  9. Is there a Link between Climate Change and Sea-level Changes in Islands?

  10. Learning From the Past: Exploring the Lessons Drawn from the Kyoto Protocol on Carbon Dioxide.

  11. Evaluating the Relationship between Global Warming and Population Changes of Tropic Animals.

  12. Can the Fight against Global Warming be won?

  13. The Extended Impacts of Air Pollution: A Closer Look at the Health of Forests

  14. Taking Stock of Kyoto: Why Our Best is not enough to Halt Global Warming.

  15. Global Biodiversity Change: Exploring the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Climate Change.

  16. Assessing the Extinction of Debt of Mountain Plants under the Effect of Climate Change.

  17. Evaluating the Species that are Most Vulnerable from Global Warming.

  18. Assessing Greenhouse Gases Emissions Production in West China.

  19. What are the Most Effective Ways of Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions in the Transport Sector: A Closer Look at Copenhagen.

  20. Polar Volcanoes: Evaluating the Impact of their Degradation Because of Global Warming.

  21. Global Warming and its Impact on Migration Paths.

  22. Impacts of Pesticides on Water Safety: Exploring its Link to Air and Water Pollution.

  23. International Treaties: Evaluating their Efficiency in Addressing Global Warming.

  24. Demonstrating how Politics Can Affect Global Warming.

  25. A Closer Look at the Link between Global Warming and Development of the Chemical Industry.

  26. Assessing the Carbon Footprint of Global Tourism: A Closer Look at Sweden

  27. Demystifying The Main Processes used by Greenhouse Gases to Take Heat and Radiate it back.

  28. Evaluating the Efficiency of Strategies used to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Concentration in the Atmosphere.

  29. Assessing the Impacts of Climate Extremes: A Case Study of Egypt 1990-2019.

  30. What are the Impacts of Climate Change on Coral Reefs? A Closer Look at the Great Barrier Reef.

  31. Exploring the Impacts of Global Warming on Business in London.

  32. Distributed Burden of Climate Change: Influence of Ethics, Science, and Development.

  33. Evaluating the Impacts of Climate Change on Tourism: A Case Study of France.

  34. Impact of Climate Change on Portable Water: A Case Study of India.

  35. Differentiating between Anthropogenic and Natural Climatic Changes.

  36. A Theoretical View: Why are Some Countries Ignoring the Global Warming phenomena?

  37. Disappearing Forests: Exploring the Best Strategies for Saving them.

  38. Economic Development vs Environment: The Politics of Air Pollution, Health and Wealth.

  39. Is this the Best Solution to Global Warming: A Closer Look at the Hybrid Approach to Addressing the Problem of Deforestation.

  40. Evaluating the Impact of Food Waste on Climate Change.

  41. Global Warming in Numbers: Demystifying the Earth Surface Heating Rates in the Last 100 years.

  42. Using Technology to Fix the Problem of Global Warming

  43. Linking Security issues and Global Warming.

  44. Why are the impacts of Global Warming Felt more in Some Countries than Others?

  45. Estimating greenhouse gas Emissions from India’s Domestic Water Sector.

  46. Challenges of Addressing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Municipal Solid Waste Management Facilities in India.

  47. Assessing the Place of Environmental Activism in Countering the Problem of Global Warming.

  48. Is Global Warming a Natural Cycle?

  49. On the Trails of Global Warming: Does the World have a Future?

  50. Global Warming: Are Human Beings the Biggest Enemies to the Planet?

The Final Take On Writing Global Warming Essays

If you are new to college, tasks such as global warming essay assignments will be very common. This post has demonstrated how to plan for such essays and get the highest marks. Do not let college essays cause stress to you; use the tips provided in this post to write like a pro.

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