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Writing a Gay Marriage Argument Essay – Useful Tips

June 23, 2020

When asked to write a gay marriage argument essay, many students don’t know where to start or how to complete this assignment. That’s because homosexuality has always been a sensitive subject. For a long time, people have avoided dealing with this issue. Therefore, students should bear this in mind when writing an essay on this subject.

gay marriage argument essay

A gay marriage involves two individuals of the same sex. When writing an essay on gay marriages, students should keep in mind the fact that such marriages have always been frowned upon by most members of society. They should also avoid statements that may be considered offensive by some readers. What’s more, students should refute conflicting claims in their arguments.

Things to Know when Writing a Gay Marriage Argument Essay

Before you start writing a gay marriage argument essay, understand the restrictions that exist in different countries. In some countries, gay marriage is illegal. That means that the legal rights that people in such unions enjoy in some countries are limited. However, gay marriages have common features with heterosexual marriages in some countries.

For instance, people in same-sex unions have similar legal rules when it comes to property rights in some countries. That means they have the right to inherit property the same way couples in heterosexual marriages can. But, bear in mind the fact that there are restrictions when it comes to child custody when writing a gay marriage argumentative essay.

What’s more, people in gay marriages face restrictions on child adoption, surrogate motherhood, and artificial insemination. Essentially, an essay on gay marriage should be written with clear knowledge of facts, restrictions, and controversies that surround this union.

Perspectives of a Gay Marriage Arguments Essay

Just like with most argumentative essays, students have the freedom to choose their perspectives when writing about this subject. But, to make the write-up more interesting, you can include controversial points and support them with facts. For instance, if you opt to write a gay marriage persuasive essay, show how denying two adults their right to marry just because they are of the same sex is being biased.

On the other hand, talk about how marriage is traditionally and naturally a union of two adults of the opposite sex if you decide to write an essay against gay marriage. In that case, argue that the major purpose of getting married is to sire children. As such, gay marriage shouldn’t be normalized because it doesn’t serve this purpose since people of the same sex can’t procreate.

But, whether you decide to write a persuasive essay on gay marriage or talk against this union, make sure that you have enough supporting materials or evidence for your argument. What’s more, take a stance from the beginning by stating a strong thesis statement in the introduction.

How to Write an Essay about Gay Marriage

A gay essay should have an introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Ideally, it should follow the same outline with argumentative essays on other subjects. Essentially, you should start this task by creating your gay marriage essay outline. This should serve as the skeleton of your write-up. It should show what you will include in the introduction, body, and conclusion parts of the write-up.

Here are the major sections to include in your essay:

  • Introduction- Your gay marriage essay intro should be informative. This is very important because you will be writing about a sensitive subject. Therefore, starting on a wrong footing can lead to a negative impression. It’s particularly important to start the essay with historical facts. Talk about the realities of this union, especially when writing a gay marriage pros and cons essay. What’s more, include a thesis statement towards the end of the introduction. This should present the main theme of the essay which should be the basis of the argument.

  • Body- The body of your essay is the place where you delve deeper into the argument. If you’re writing a gay rights persuasive essay, show the readers why they should support this union. Make sure that the readers will understand your reasons for being pro-gay marriages. You should also do the same when writing a gay marriage should be legal essay. Each point that you make in this section should support your thesis statement. And, it should stand in a separate paragraph.

  • Conclusion- Once you’ve presented your thesis in the introduction and supported it in the body, wrap up your argument nicely. If you’re writing a why should gay marriage be legal essay, recap some of the major points you used to support your thesis. However, don’t include new information in the conclusion. Instead, give readers something to think about and probably take the same stance with you.

Sample Topics for a Gay College Admission Essay

Perhaps, you’ve been asked to write an LGBT essay for your college admission. Maybe you need the inspiration to craft a topic for your gay adoption essay.

Here are some of the gay and LGBT essay topics to consider:

  • What are the major challenges of legalizing LGBT marriages?
  • Why gay couples should enjoy similar rights with heterosexual couples
  • What will be the effects of the current increase in gay marriages on the next generation?
  • Can parents prevent gay marriages by influencing their kids’ sexual orientation?
  • Is gay marriage contradicted by the universal copulation laws?
  • What are the major issues affecting modern LGBT marriages?

Essentially, it’s not a must that you write a why should gay marriage be legal essay. You can take a different perspective and discuss the major issues affecting the LGBTQ community. Take a stance on those issues and then support it with authentic facts. This implies that you should research extensively, analyze, and organize facts in ways that will convey your message to the reader. Make sure that the audience will be convinced to side with you after reading the essay. And, you can achieve this by presenting solid evidence to support the argument that you present in the form of a thesis statement.

You Can Challenge Both Sides

If asked to write the pros and cons of gay marriage essay, you must present the positive and negative aspects of this union. That means you have to show both sides of the coin to your readers. That means listing the contradicting aspects of the argument before taking a stance.

It’s, however, important to decide which side you will give more details based on your stance. For instance, if writing an LGBT rights essay, bear in mind the fact that allowing people in this union to exercise their rights in public may not go well with some people. Make sure that your readers understand how children from heterosexual families can be affected by exposure to the behaviors of partners in same-sex marriages.

In a nutshell, an argumentative essay on this subject requires you to delve deeper into the realities and what you believe in. You should also make your views about this topic known to the reader. But, originality is important. You also need to have valid supporting evidence because the audience won’t just accept what you say if you don’t have proof of it. Therefore, take your time to conduct extensive research before you write the essay.

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