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Should College Be Free? – Pros and Cons

October 24, 2019

Why college should be free? It seems like a simple question, yet it has a complicated answer. Most presidential candidates are concerned about the increasing debt of the students. Some students can’t go to college because they just can’t afford to pay for it. Most of them are trying to find ways on how to go to college for free. This is why the cost of a college education is used by political candidates as the basis for their platforms.

Should College Be Free
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How To Lie With Statistics: Understanding Core Principles

October 23, 2019

Crafted by a non-statistician, in a contrived language and illustrated using humorous drawings, How To Lie with Statistics is relevant in the twenty-first century as when it was first published in 1954.

This book is still a bestseller, although some of its examples are outdated, such as the price of bananas and the earnings of Yale graduates. Besides, the tricks that Darrell Huff describes are still applicable today. These include misuse of averages, misleading charts, and more. Read more

Writing Inspiration: Ten Best Ways To Gain It Fast

October 16, 2019

You love writing but just as you face your keyboard, you lose the inspiration to write. You are not alone in this situation. Millions of now-renowned writers have gone through this phase and overcame. Right now, you might not see how but when we are done, you will be attacking that keyboard at a fierce pace.

There are lots of ways to get inspiration for writing. You might have tried some with little or no success but we can assure you that these methods will get over your writing block. We have detailed the 10 best ways to get writing inspiration.

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The Great Gatsby Summary – Take A Look At The Major Events

October 16, 2019

Gatsby loved to treat his guests at his extravagant golden mansion in West Egg.

West Egg is home to people who lack established social relationships and squander their wealth. Here’s the Great Gatsby summary from the best writing experts in literature.

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Top 75 Chemistry Research Topics For Your Paper

October 10, 2019

Are you looking for the best chemistry research topics on the Internet? We are happy to tell you that you have arrived at the right place. Even though our topics are public and anyone can use them, we are doing our best to keep this list as fresh as possible. However, if you are worried about the originality of your next chemistry research paper topics, we have a great tip on how to find 100% original topics.

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Writing The Best Global Warming Essay – Take An Original Approach

October 8, 2019

Global warming is one of the most disastrous phenomenons in the history of the earth. Unlike several decades ago, the scientific evidence of global warming and associated impacts has become clearer. But even with the dangers such as the thawing of polar ice sheets and extensive droughts become the norm, it is sad that we have failed to come up with a cohesive strategy to counter it. Now, when you are required to write a global warming essay or related paper; how do you do it?


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